I love you, I love you too

And nothing you could ever do

Would change that.

Without you,

I’d be like the sky with no stars,

Or the Earth without Mars,

Or that pile of torn bra’s

That sits in a bag in the bin because you don’t want people to see I have a cleavage. So I stopped wearing them.

For you.

I love you, I love you too.

And nothing you could ever do would change that.

Without you, my heart would stop,

I would fall so hard from the top,

And I wouldn’t get these hot flushes every time you raised your voice because you think I sounded too friendly in a message, to the people I’m still friends with, so I blocked them.

For you.

But I love you. I love you too.

There’s nothing you could ever do that would change that.

But maybe I’m starting to wonder,

If the sky is nicer without thunder,

And the stars are just clutter that lash out when I mutter I’d quite like to spend some time alone…

I love you. I love you too.

But sometimes the things you do change that…

Without you,

I think I’d actually use the front door,

Maybe get out and do a bit more,

But I’m tired and my legs are sore, from you fucking me when I didn’t want to be fucked.

I love you. I loved you too.

Or at least I thought I did, but you changed that.

You made me believe that I could never leave you,

That I needed you to breathe and that I was always free

Just depressed, from other things, never you, you were ‘helping me’.

And now I’m without you.

And I am the sky and twice it’s stars,

I am every Earth and every Mars and

I am all of the fucking bra’s that never belonged in a bin bag.

And all of the times I said I loved you,

I was just speaking to myself in the hopes that I would hear it.

Because saying it out loud and having it repeated,

back to you,

Is more comforting than speaking out loud to a mirror, or someone you can’t see.

And I had to see you say you love me,

And feel you not love me,

To know that I love me


And now I use all the fucking doors and I never feel sore,

Unless I masturbated the night before, to thoughts – not of you.

So you love me?


I love me too.