What Is Reality?

Reality is as children we all start life far removed from the mundane practicalities of everyday life, as innocent as, literally, a new born baby. Every activity is a new sensation, an adventure and a new emotion to be discovered and explored. We grow without intending to, learn before we know what learning is and so goes the sly, creeping way of reality. Who can say when the concept of reality hits home? Has it always been there? Is it a concept or feeling that is inevitable or escapable?

Truth is, reality is you, it’s them, it’s me and it’s all of us!

As a child I held the belief that across the seas and the oceans reality was different from the one I lived and believed, that life held a different meaning for those who inhabited other parts of the world. This was mainly because my childhood was quite volatile, the punishments I received were less psychologically attuned and my rewards were common place activities.

I have no regrets as to how I was raised, because even then I knew I would grow and eventually take charge of my own punishments and rewards, all that came my way I saw as discipline. There is an extreme abhorrence for violence and sadness in me though, that stems from watching a beloved parent of mine suffer at the hands of the patriarch in the family and from an early age the question arose in my mind WHY? There is no villain in this, for evil is a self-perpetuating force, as is good.

Both of my parents had way, way worse childhoods than we did. One lacking a Solid Patriarch and the other one mightier than life. There is a hero though, me! For I realised quite early in life that I could either accept reality and perpetuate the violence I was subject to or reject that reality and see it as something I could and would someday change or escape.

we are sometimes too accepting of a reality that needn’t be necessarily true!

I refused to succumb to sadness and fought for my happiness finding it almost everywhere, a slight cool breeze, a little nudge or smile, a kind word given or received. 'Why all the pain and sadness?' I asked then as a child, however now as a young man I’ll tell you why; we are sometimes too ACCEPTING of a reality that needn’t be necessarily true!

Oh, the sadness in learning that in even the most advanced of nations in the world the so called harsh realities of human existence abound. We have no UTOPIA! Pain, fear, violence, exploitation…Joy, liberation, fulfilment, self-actualisation.

These monsters and angels exist everywhere.

Our existence is the very tool needed to shape or reshape our reality

Is this the so-called reality we should be accepting of? YOU decide, for many have and will arise in battle for these truths knowingly or not, fighting to be the cause or cure.

A reality where our pain, our joy, our happiness and our existence is not relevant, does not exist. Another might seek to make us feel so but in doing so they acknowledge our very existence. Our existence is the very tool needed to shape or reshape our reality. Acknowledge yourself!

YOUTH REALITIES. To those whom might see this as an invitation to accept a lesser label of victim, abused, outcast. I say to you NO!

It is a call to arms!!

Gather up your courage, stand knowing there are OTHERS out there standing with YOU and fight to