SpillTheTi is a personal project that Tina has set up in order to share her experiences and inspire others.

Tina had been sitting on the idea for a while, and after almost launching multiple times, but holding herself back due to touching on some quite sensitive topics, she finally decided to go for it and SpillTheTi

Her work is all about


self-satisfaction and


Tina's other recent work speaks on her relationship with her father in 'Hello Daddy... It's Been a Long Time'

Below you can read Tina's latest blog: 'Hello, 20-eighteen!'

WOW! It has been a while since I last blogged, but I welcome you all into this amazing New Year with open arms.

I don’t even think I have anything bad to say about 2017, I mean we all deal with ups and downs. However, I was MORE than ready to enter this new year. 2017 was the year of GROWTH and PEACE, got some things accomplished and here I am today writing my first blog of 2018 to you all.

I’m so excited about 2018, I genuinely feel good about this year and I know for a fact that everyone who decides to SpillTheTi with me WILL have a good year!

Mathew 21:22 - “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”.

We’ve got to stay prayed up, honestly! I can’t even stress enough about this, if it wasn’t for God we wouldn’t be here! I most definitely wouldn’t be typing this, and you wouldn’t be reading this!

It’s time to get down to business my lovelies, we need to put our heads down and get things done!

No more waiting around for your friends and social media followers to support you or waiting for your post to hit 200+ likes on Instagram.

Remember WHY you are doing this, it’s time to ELEVATE and stop any negative chit chat to interfere with what you plan to do.

We need to keep the same energy about this year from now up until whenever, if you need to be selfish with your time then do so! Do what you need to do and not what others are expecting you to do. If you lose people on the way then so be it, sometimes you need some alone time and that time may be NOW. Who knows?

I just want to encourage you to continue SHINING, GROWING and EXCEEDING.

2018, I hope and pray that you will be filled with growth, peace and love. Allow us to discover new passions, talents and wisdom within ourselves, let us conquer unwanted thoughts or feelings!

May this year allow us to push others more, cherish our loved ones twice as much as we did in 2017 and let us stay more than focused. Let us come out of our shells and show the world and not just people around us how great we all are, let our success inspire people. Lastly, let our worries ash away and allow us to be bold and courageous because we are READY for this new chapter.

I was getting a lot of messages about when I was going to Spil The Ti next and honestly guys, I wish I done this sooner than later! THIS YEAR is all about pushing through!

Thank you for reading this and once again I apologise for spilling the Ti super late.


Ti x

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