Domestic Violence through my Mother's Eyes

Introducing upcoming UK artists, Kxng Junior and Lavz. Driven and dedicated to raising awareness of domestic violence through their powerful and insightful new EP, Summer Days and Winter Nights. Highlighting some of the fears and struggles experienced in an abusive relationship, from both a victim and perpetrators perspective, this eye-opening piece brings light to a topic we, as a society, often so easily dismiss. It has been an honour to have these two on the Youth Realities team, performing at our workshops and events, and using their dynamic talents as a tool to help #EndYouthDomesticViolence.

“In October 2017 I released an EP Titled ‘Summer Days and Winter Nights (Chapter 1 The Abusive Relationship) feat. Lavz & Francis Oshy). Inspired by my mother’s powerful story of domestic violence, I decided to disclose her painful journey, with hope it would give other women worldwide the same courage and strength my mother, to break free from such predicaments.

Domestic violence is an extremely common issue in our society today, and people don’t see it, will choose to ignore it or refrain from speaking about it. I’m so dedicated to highlighting this issue, and I will stop at nothing. I believe we are all Kings & Queens and there’s a lot of us suffering every day, many suffering in silence as cases go unreported.

Join me on this journey

and let’s End Domestic Violence Together

-Also, look out for Chapter 2 soon! Kxng”



"I do believe it's important to speak on issues in our community to raise an awareness. As somebody who has never been in an abusive relationship personally, this project is an encouragement to those that identify with that experience to heal"

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