Research Project 2018

The Prominence of Abuse within Teenage Relationships

What is the research?

The purpose of this research was to identify the prominence of teenage relationship abuse, which we consider to be an extremely pressing issue within society. 

The questionnaire elicited 320 responses, then reduced to 303, distributed online and via hard copy in educational institutions and workplaces.  

We believe by increasing awareness and understanding of teenage relationship abuse, we can minimise stigma associated with the issue, and encourage more young people to speak up. 


What did we find?

37% of participants had experienced abuse in a teenage relationship, and a further 37% stated the abuse began before they turned 18. 

This equates to more than 1/3 young people.

55% stated this abuse had a significant impact on their employment and/or education. 

68% of 204 respondents did not seek support from family, friends or professional services for the abuse they experienced.

47% had been verbally abused by their partner. 

41% had experienced sexual abuse from their partner. 

What did we use the research for?

The research was used to support an evidence session ran by the Youth Violence Commission, and assist with the building of their final report. This report will then be used to make recommendations in Parliament on policy that supports young people impacted by violence in the UK.

We will continue to develop this research project over time and use the findings to address the epidemic of teenage relationship abuse.