Weekly dance, fitness and confidence building programme for young women aged 12-25 @ Unitas Youth Zone, HA9 0DT.

Currently closed due to COVID-19.

Deepin Dance is weekly space for young women, held every Friday from 4:30pm - 6:30pm.

Each week we get active and slide into a new routine, delivered by our fantastic sessional coach, Odette Mifele, in a non-competitive and fun, energetic style! 

Most of our sessions are street or afro-beats, but drop in and let us know what you'd like to see!

Deepin Dance also consists of Wellbeing Workshops, facilitated by specialist support workers and creative professionals, covering topics such as sexual health, healthy relationships, confidence building and self-love (amongst much more!) These are delivered every 2 weeks and designed with your ideas in mind, so let us know what you'd like to see and we can do our best to get it on the schedule.

The sessions are open access, so just drop in to sign up! 

Unitas Youth Zone charge a £5 yearly membership fee and 50p entrance fee. If you are attending Deepin Dance, we'll cover the costs for you so just let us know ahead of the day by contacting us via phone or social media. 

Professional referrals are also accepted by completing our form below.



Wellbeing and Mentoring programme

Deepin Manhood is a 15 week programme targeted at young men aged between 12-19 (years 7 - sixth form) in educational and community spaces. The sessions are led by trained facilitators and offers a safe space for holistic intervention across five group sessions and ten 1:1 mentoring sessions. 

We understand how difficult transitional periods are, so we get Deep-in-Manhood, with creative, fun and informative sessions that explore a range of topics to help young men shape themselves into happy, healthier and resilient young adults. 

The group topics focused on include:

  • Healthy Masculinity and Identity

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Safe Sex and Healthy Relationships

  • Substance use 

  • Managing Shame and Conflict


"They're there to give us advice, and they break things down with poetry, which made it more engaging and easy to understand" - Deepin Manhood participant, 16

"[in the 1-1 mentoring] I can take a break, clear my mind, chill and do something different" - Deepin Manhood participant, 16


Contact the team for bookings.


1:1 Support & Advocacy for young survivors.

We offer structured 1:1 support and advocacy for young survivors of abuse, trauma, violence, exploitation and other adversity.

The sessions are focused on increasing emotional health and wellbeing, independence and personal safety through targeted mentoring, creative activities and intervention for survivors aged between 11 - 25. 

The programme offers long term support for up to 18 months and can be weekly or fortnightly, based in our hub, the local community, educational environments or other safe public spaces such as cafes nearby to the young persons home. 

Our Youth Support Workers are trained to respond to matters of domestic abuse, emotional challenges, liaise with other professionals and build trusted relationships that help the young person establish a strengthened understanding of how to manage their experiences, focus on healing and engage in further development opportunities.

The programme also offers group activities as an opportunity to bring together a community of survivors, build relationships, social skills and bondage through shared experience and healing.

This is a referral based programme and places are allocated on a needs-basis. For further information, contact our team below or make a referral.

"Youth Realities has helped me in so many ways. Firstly, it introduced me to other women and young girls that are amazingly resilient and full of surprises. It allowed me to express things without having to get too personal..I have learnt so much. I also did some teaching for myself and for all those amazing experiences we have together, I couldn't be prouder of myself and everyone else! " - Survivor, 22

"Having someone to talk to at your lowest moments not only improves stability of the mind, but also gives hope and helps brighten the light when it is hard to distinguish within such difficult circumstances." - Survivor, 18

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Support & Advocacy for young survivors of relationship abuse and adversity.




Healthy relationships, consent and respect workshop in schools & communities.


Free weekly dance classes for young women aged 12-25 @ Unitas Youth Zone



Healthy manhood programme with group work & 1:1 mentoring for young men aged 13-19.



A range of bespoke, creative projects & programmes for young people in Barnet.




A creative introductory workshop to healthy relationships, online safety and accessing support for abuse.

Our Deepin Relationships programme is an introductory session to understanding healthy relationships. We focus on identifying abusive behaviours (in self and others), accessing support and supporting our peers. The session is inclusive, engaging and fun; young people leave the session more aware, informed and able to make healthier choices regarding their relationships and friendships.

  • 92% of young people felt more knowledgable on relationship abuse after our sessions

  • 93% of young people would recommend Deepin Relationships to a friend


"I would recommend this workshop to a friend because it could help them. If somebody was in an abusive relationship, knowing symptoms would be helpful and it might prevent abuse in the future" 

"I really enjoyed this workshop, it was very entertaining and I had fun"


Join our team and become a trained Youth Facilitator! If you're aged 16-25, contact us to receive training, a DBS certificate and be paid above London Living Wage to deliver workshops in schools and communities! We especially love working with young people that aren't working or in education, studied at a Pupil Referral Unit or may have lived experience of relationship abuse. 

"Being a Youth Facilitator has helped me learn, build my confidence and I loved going back to secondary schools to work with other young people" - Youth Facilitator, 17


We also deliver a range of creative, bespoke projects - here's some from over the years:


Too Little, Too Late (2019) 

In 2019 we were commission by Barnet Council to lead peer-led research for their Director of Public Health's Annual Report. 

A group of 10 young people designed and ran workshops to over 60 other young people - the full research can be downloaded here

Also, they created a powerful short-film, raising awareness of teenage relationship abuse. Completely acting in, scripted and narrated by the group. 


What the full video below, as well as footage from our project showcase! 

Podcast Programme:

 Taboo Talks (2020)

In 2020 we partnered with Non-Violence Charity​ and delivered a creative podcast programme for young survivors, which trained them in podcast creation, amplified their voices through their own peer-led podcast series and had a launch event with empowering performances, friends and family.

In light on COVID-19, this project was a great opportunity to come together as a community of young women, reflect, learn and grow!

Season 2, coming soon! 

See full footage from the programme and find the episodes on Youtube, Apple Music and Spotify!

Youth Coordinator's Programme (2020-2021)

From November 2020 - April 2021, three young people aged 16-19 have been employed 2 days per week to work on a full organisation audit - who we are, what we do and how we do it - in order to bring fresh youth voices to our work! 

The group will be doing research with other young people across Barnet and on social media, reviewing our programmes, projects and services, and putting together a full list of recommendations to our Board of Trustees.

This is a great opportunity to ensure we are representing, reflecting and listening to our young people; placing their voices in the centre of all we do. Follow us @youthrealities to keep up with what they get up to!