October 26, 2018

One second i'm standing there, then i'm on the floor

A kick to the stomach, but im expecting more

I make him mad but I don't know why

Hit to my face but I shall not cry

For him I’d catch a bullet, for him I’d die

He picks me up, in his arms I lie

He sits there crying, as we...

October 8, 2018

I love you, I love you too

And nothing you could ever do

Would change that.

Without you,

I’d be like the sky with no stars,

Or the Earth without Mars,

Or that pile of torn bra’s

That sits in a bag in the bin because you don’t want people to see I have a cleavage. So I stopped...

October 4, 2018

1. At what point did you realise your relationship was abusive?

I think I always knew. I was quite young at the time, my youngest memory of it really affecting me was maybe 5 or 6. I know I was at school and I was always told if anyone asked how I got my bruises it was...

May 8, 2018

If you had to put yourself on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being you at your most lethargic, depressed and irritable, and 10 being at your most chirpy, outgoing and fun – where would you be?

Where were you on that scale during your last relationship, or before the relationsh...

March 13, 2018

Reality is as children we all start life far removed from the mundane practicalities of everyday life, as innocent as, literally, a new born baby. Every activity is a new sensation, an adventure and a new emotion to be discovered and explored. We grow without intending...

March 1, 2018

Hey, do you remember me? Because I certainly remember you.

I woke up this morning thinking of you. I sat for a moment wondering about how you are, how your birthday was and how your day is going, but then I thought to myself, do I even care? Should I even care? Why am I...

February 19, 2018

When I was 16, I wrote a letter to myself not to be opened until 2018; today I opened it and became inspired to write about one of my hardest life journeys. Learning to love myself. At the age of 16 I was really struggling to come to terms with who I was, what I looked...

February 5, 2018

SpillTheTi is a personal project that Tina has set up in order to share her experiences and inspire others.

Tina had been sitting on the idea for a while, and after almost launching multiple times, but holding herself back due to touching on some quite sensitive topics,...

January 26, 2018

“I don’t believe you; I don’t care; it’s your own fault anyway; GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!” I grew up hurting, yet no one even knew.

My father passed away when I was young; I have cried so many tears over my dad, I’m ashamed to admit the tears have come out of selfishness not...

January 18, 2018

Ever since I can remember,

I was taught that love is nothing more than a feeling,

They told me that it's only an emotion that resides inside,

Even the dictionary definition defines it as the following:

"A strong feeling of affection. To feel deep affection or sexual love."


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